Queen Creative Company

Sometimes you need a bit more of the right brain. Get it?

They say magic happens outside your comfort zone. They also say it’s really uncomfortable out of your comfort zone (lol). If you’re ready to get really uncomfortable, we’re right there to offer you some of the craziest, abstract-est, awesomest creative work you could think of.

Consider this: We’re really into calligraphy. Think old-school; real ink written on real papyrus with real fountain pens. We reckon if we could do justice with handwritten art, we can most definitely design a website or a customer experience journey for you.

We’ve even made a magazine. Seriously. What more could you ask for? Working with us, it’s a no-brainer, really. Just do it.

Queen Creative Company can help you with:

Literally all kinds of design (web, brochures, packaging, magazines, etc)
Customer experience design
User experience design

Ready to unleash some kickass, explosive creativity in all its unbridled glory? Let’s turn that idea into reality. Contact us now.

Queen Lifestyle Group

Our life isn’t all just about work. Come shop with us!

What is life if you can’t spend time enjoying it? We at Queen believe in both working hard and playing hard – and we have dedicated our time to capture the oh-so-many opportunities to bring new brands and new concepts to the market.

We are always on the look out for new business opportunities and brands looking to expand to other markets and countries. Who better to approach, considering we also own the necessary resources to help any company scale?

Today, Queen Lifestyle Group owns wholly or partially:

A student homestay, Herald Homestay
A calligraphy service with clients like Dior, Hugo Boss and even Hermes, Scribblers Collective
An interior design company, Aesthete Interior Design

We intend to grow this list! Ping us if you have any fantastic opportunities which we can grow together!

Queen Technology Group

The hardcore tech stuff that most people don’t really understand. Except us, of course.

The word “IT” is too diverse and too scary these days. What exactly is it? Servers? Apps? Software?

Don’t worry about it, we understand the technical terms and IT requirements for any business. It doesn’t have to be as complicated as you think it is, nor does it have to be as expensive as those global tech corporations tell you.

The Queen Technology Group is able to design and build:

Websites, e-commerce or otherwise
Mobile apps, e-commerce or otherwise
Web apps
CRM systems
Workflow management systems
Customized software
Logistics management systems (warehouse, distribution, delivery)
Marketing software
APIs with other technology
IT infrastructure setup (servers, firewalls, cybersecurity)
Network architecture

Our execution team is based offshore so as to pass cost savings on to you, our dear client. However, all our tech consultants and experts are based in Singapore, allowing us to coordinate with you, without you ever having to go through translators or third parties.

Contact us today for all your technology needs.

Queen Academy

You don’t know what you don’t know. Until we tell you.

Most of the time, clients come to us seeking answers for their problems, only to realize they had the resources to deal with it themselves all along.

To unlock these resources, companies need to undergo training and education to help employees and even management team leaders to gain the necessary understanding and skills to help the company move forward.

Queen Academy works in close partnership with government-linked programs, such as SkillsFuture Singapore and Workforce Singapore, as well as Continuing Education and Training (CET) organizations like Singapore Institute of Retail Studies (SIRS), a part of Nanyang Polytechnic.

Today, Queen runs a host of training programs through our Blueprint program. This program consists classes run by practitioners and qualifies for government training grants.

Need to better yourself? Learn more about our corporate training or Contact us today!

Queen Capital

Need cash? Call us.

Founded in 2014, Queen Capital is a private holding, whose purpose is the investment and management of the capital of Queen Consulting Group.

Through our investments, we intend to capture opportunities from the fundamental shifts inherent to the deployment of new technologies across traditional spheres, that will define the future of society in years to come.

With a great team and intelligent bets, today, we have positioned ourselves to attract expertise and possess in-house capabilities to develop our proprietary strategies to invest in these new waves of innovation.

Our current portfolio includes:

Alternatives (Diamonds, Gold, Silver, Watches, Whisky)
Private Equity in:
Financial technology
Medical technology
Logistics technology

If you are interested in getting investment for your growing business, as well as pre- and/or post-investment support, don’t wait any longer.

Contact us today.

Queen Corporate Services

Keep updated with regulation. Hire the right team. Win.

Corporate secretarial work isn’t the most attractive. Neither is interviewing hundreds of candidates trying to identify that diamond in the rough. Or even finding a diamond at all.

Don’t let these necessary tasks distract you from working on your business and growing it the way it should. Queen Corporate Services will take care of all the necessary, without any headaches on your part.

We are able to help you with:

Corporate Secretarial Services
Audit & Assurance
Tax Compliance & Advisory
Company Strike-Off
Hiring (Executive Search and Management Teams)

Every business, no matter what industry, is going to need one or all of the above. Let us take the workload off your shoulders. Contact us today!