At a time when everyone was being “disrupted”, we didn’t think they should be facing troubles. We thought they should be embracing new technology and concepts to grow their companies well into the modern age of technology.

We launched Queen in the year 2013, at a time when the digital revolution was just starting to reach full swing. Fast-forward to today, with a lot of great people, hard work, creativity, and innovation, we’re now a leading consulting group and service executor that holds the key to all the essentials of modern business success.

We don’t believe in the status quo. We believe in consistent change. We take risks every single day. We acquire new companies and technologies to supplement our capabilities. We have always put our clients first, ensuring that when they get us involved in their business, they will have access to everything they may need.

Since our founding, we have now served more than 30 multinational corporations and represent more than 50 small-medium enterprises across Asia – and we continue to work hard to make business growth easy for all our clients, wherever they are.