We’re sincere in growth. We’re laser-focused on success.

We believe that no two businesses are alike. Queen tailors a bespoke plan for your business and with our vast network of partners, we execute the necessary and ensure that your business reaches its next level of success. As a company, we’re not here to sell you services or solutions; we’re selling success. We succeed only when you succeed.

Queen is at its heart about success: we remain single-minded in our mission to help companies navigate this complex and ever-changing business environment.


We’re misfits. Troublemakers. We’re the crazy ones.

At a time when everyone was being “disrupted”, we didn’t think they should be facing troubles. We thought they should be embracing new technology and concepts to grow their companies well into the modern age of technology.

We launched Queen in the year 2013, at a time when the digital revolution was just starting to reach full swing. Fast-forward to today, with a lot of great people, hard work, creativity, and innovation, we’re now a leading consulting group and service executor that holds the key to all the essentials of modern business success.

We don’t believe in the status quo. We believe in consistent change. We take risks every single day. We acquire new companies and technologies to supplement our capabilities. We have always put our clients first, ensuring that when they get us involved in their business, they will have access to everything they may need.

Since our founding, we have now served more than 30 multinational corporations and represent more than 50 small-medium enterprises across Asia - and we continue to work hard to make business growth easy for all our clients, wherever they are.



We build the pillars of growth. Then we shoot for the moon.

Why the moon? Because even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars. That’s right, we aim for the highly ambitious, challenging levels of success. We like to win.

There’s nothing that excites us more than discovering untapped potential in aging businesses, finding young talent in new startups, grooming them or transforming them, then letting them fly. When we see potential in companies, we don’t just try to sell products or services, we go in deep and dedicate our time and our lives to making success happen.

Queen today owns the core pillars of modern business through our subsidiaries and partner network - growth consultancy, marketing & advertising, creative design, IT & tech solutions, training & education, investments, and even a 10,000 square foot co-working space.

Besides our core business, we also make significant investments into potential high-growth businesses, and as of today have expanded our group of companies to include real estate and lifestyle businesses.


We are our clients. Literally.

You know those problems you face? Those tough ones - declining sales, warehousing support, last mile delivery, complex e-commerce systems, lack of marketing technology & automation, financial limitations, lack of manpower, missed opportunities, etc.?

We’ve faced those same problems too. And we’ve solved them. We get so involved with our clients that, through them, we have seen so many challenging circumstances and we’ve turned them all into learning opportunities.

Our clients appreciate us as you will too because we talk to you on the same level - principal to principal. Nothing is too big or too small; there exists only opportunities that haven’t been discovered.

Because Queen is privately owned by a small group of owner-managers, we are able to set our business strategies without pressure from external shareholders. This independence frees us from the temptations of short-term fashion, and allows us to uphold our values of sincerity, integrity and loyalty, so that we can continue to create value for our clients far into the future.



Who doesn’t like to succeed? Why waste your time if you’re not aiming for a victory?

We get excited by interesting individuals and ideas. Imagine what Google or Apple would have been today if there were no favorable circumstances allowing for their success?

Queen was founded to make those favorable circumstances possible for all aspiring businesses and growth-oriented companies. These were the exact circumstances that our partners had been unable to find, and caused much grief and time-wasting in trial-and-error tests. To learn, one needs to make mistakes.

Today, we at Queen are proud to say that we have made enough mistakes that you may learn from our experiences, and skip straight to your deserved success.